Colorado Funding Group Llc


Title and Closing Services

We know that any business relationship is based on outstanding results and the confidence that those results will be consistent over time. Colorado Funding Group Llc. has the very best professionals in the business; experienced, responsible and dedicated individuals who understand all aspects of real estate transactions. Handling international accounts and domestic that require special underwriting and closing expertise is what we do best. Our personnel are recognized as authorities in the national arena, offering the knowledge and ingenuity necessary to close today’s complex transactions.


Underwriting services

Colorado Funding Group Llc. underwriters are among the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry. When you work with Colorado Funding Group Llc. you benefit from everything our expert underwriters have to offer, such as:


° In-depth knowledge to handle complex issues

° Impeccable attention to detail

° Extensive experience and flexibility


Title & Escrow

Title services include preliminary title reports, title insurance, escrow and closing services provided by a team of experts capable of handling the most complicated real estate transaction. With sister offices around the globe, you can be certain there is a Colorado Funding Group Llc. team available and ready to work for you.


Preliminary title reports provide critical information such as legal description, deed information, liens, pending litigation, easements and special conditions.


Title insurance minimizes risk due to defects in ownership, mortgages, liens, judgments and tax issues. Colorado Funding Group Llc. does more to minimize your risk, we work hard to overcome the hassles that come with critical underwriting decisions and eliminate title defects before your closing. Our specialized teams understand your business and has the authority to make on-the-spot underwriting decisions that can facilitate smother, faster closings.



At Colorado Funding Group Llc., we are working constantly to provide you, our customer ,with a greater competitive advantage. Colorado Funding Groups Llc. specialty insurance services have designed a program to provide better protection to our long time clients and first time customers.


° Reduce overall insurance costs

° Reduce the risk of implied warranty liability

° Protect yourself from costly lawsuits


Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition services are available to connect homebuilders with land owners that have developed land or developers searching for a large, raw track land. Get the assistance you need by taking advantage of our buyer/seller transaction database for the most current updates on your transaction.



Our title insurance underwriters provide a depth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched by any of our competitors. They are ready and able to handle all complex issues your transactions face. They respond quickly to meet your needs and are available around-the-clock to assist with any type of real estate domestically or abroad.


The depth and breadth of underwriting knowledge available through our underwriters enables Colorado Funding Group Llc. to consistently provide solutions specifically developed to meet your title insurance needs while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and integrity. With Colorado Funding Group Llc´s underwriters on your side, there’s nothing you can’t handle.


Title Insurance

Through our global network of sister offices, we serve home buyers and sellers; investors; residential and commercial real estate agents and brokers; national, and local banks and credit unions; builders and developers; attorneys and others involved in any type of residential or commercial real estate transaction in the United States  and in over 80 countries around the world. Our network of policy-issuing offices issue title insurance policies to protect the interests of our property owners and mortgage lenders on residential, and commercial real estate, new construction and refinance transactions.


Title insurance for property owners, called an Owner´s Policy, is usually issued in the amount of the real estate purchase. It is purchased for a One-time fee at closing and is valid for as long as the owner or his heirs have an interest in the property. Only an Owner´s Policy fully protects the buyer should a covered problem arise with the title that was not found during the initial title search. Possible hidden title problems can include:


° Errors of omissions in deeds

° Mistakes in examining records

° Forgery


Escrow and Settlement Services

At Colorado Funding Group Llc., we have the most experienced and dedicated escrow and settlement service professionals in the business. With well over a century of experience, including residential, commercial, international, relocation and vacation ownership transactions, we serve as an unbiased third party and execute the instructions of all parties involved, making sure your transactions get to closing day as quickly and efficiently as possible.